True Leaves Floral - Locally grown flowers in Bushwick, BK

ID: NWK3734
Цель: We are a woman-owned, seed to vase flower farm in Bushwick, Brooklyn selling local cut flowers to homes, businesses and markets.
Сайт: https://www.kickstar...
Учредитель : by Jessica Balnaves & Ryann Mead

About this project


We intend to approach all aspects of our business with strong focus on:

  • Sustainability Seasonality/Natural Cycles
  • Thoughtful execution
  • Full awareness of potential loss and profit
  • Meaningful design
  • Neighborhood inclusion and nourishment
  • fun / silliness / magic / strength / beauty / education / empowerment

Who do we market to?

Short answer: Everyone! Flower crowns for the young and the grown, bouquets for homes and businesses, individual flowers for those feeling romantic. And our price levels are not exclusive to any one fiscal demographic. Mostly, however, we market to homes and businesses.

Local Flower Industry:

There is a flourishing small floral design business push in the area, but we are the FIRST to grow all our own flowers from seed in Bushwick, Brooklyn! There is a lot of room for inclusion for a program of our type.

Strengths and Competencies

  • Woman-owned
  • Grow our own flowers
  • Accountability / hard work
  • Good Story
  • Local company run and operated by two strong stewards in the community with built-in clientele
  • Low overhead

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